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25th Aniversary World Health Organization has recognized Fibromyalgia


Twenty-five years ago the World Health Organization has recognized Fibromyalgia, incorporating it as a clinic entity in the international classification of diseases. It was a very important step in a long and narrow path that, with a few exceptions, was walked along together with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

During these 25 years, we have achieved to single out a disease considered now as "paradigm of chronic pain" and included it in the social, professional, and political agendas.

We began this process by identifying the root of the problem and fighting ignorance, reticence, and suspicion ... even contempt.

We went forward with patience, constancy, complicities, and vindication. Gaining recognition and respect on the one hand, and improvement in diagnosis and treatment, care planning and protocols, on the other.

All this without stridence, without blackmail, without disqualifications. With our effort as well as personal and social commitment, but above all, with the reason emanating from a whole group of patients and the strength of some associations that have worked hard with reliability, professionalism, and firmness.

A group and entities that were able to create a protest movement that we now share with the diseases framed in so-called Central Sensitization Syndromes, and those that, once again, we raise our voices with to make heard the claims that we consider priorities for us:


  • Recognition by professionals, institutions, social partners, and society in general.
  • Research for better diagnosis, treatments, and early detection.
  • Improvement of medical care and the establishment of unified protocols that ensure equal quality and accessibility to resources and services of the Public Health System.
  • Access to work, either by adaptation of workplaces or through new formulas of labour insertion.
  • Justice in social performance when the severity of the disease does not allow us to work.


On this 25th anniversary, we also believe that it is time to launch the singularization circle and, therefore, we reach out to all those affected by diseases associated with chronic pain and associations that represent them , to join forces and make a common front against the problems we share.

Problems that are the result of not being fit into a health and social system prepared and preferably aimed at treating acute processes and evaluating disabilities based on parameters poorly identified and prioritized as objectable, keeping invisible an incapacitating character of pain.

Ignoring the fact that this is, precisely a key parameter of the quality of life of a person and, in our case, omnipresent in our lives.

On this anniversary, we feel proud of our struggle and the decision to undertake it.

But also on this anniversary, we look into the future with renewed determination and with new goals and challenges.

And we call on all persons, entities, professional associations, scientific societies, civil servants, administrations and political leaders to join our petitions, with the solidarity of some and political decisions of others, to give all citizens the best possible quality of life, within the framework of a Fair, Accessible, Equitable, Egalitarian, and Quality Health and Social System.

Nothing more, nothing less.

May 12, 2017.  World Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and 25th anniversary of Recognition of Fibromyalgia by the World Health Organization.