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How to detect it


How to know if a person has Fibromyalgia? 
You have to visit a doctor who is to establish the diagnosis based on the symptoms and the physical examination, as the result of which it is determined a significant and generalized decrease of our "pain edge". The doctor is also to exclude other causes of pain or fatigue that could be present by means of tests or x-rays.
 At present, there is no alteration of the standard laboratory tests or x-ray results, which can be specific for Fibromyalgia.
What is the evolution of this disease? 
It varies. Some people have light symptoms, of short term and intermittent character, while the others suffer a significant and persistent pain. 
A great percentage of patients, after getting known their diagnosis and having taken an adequate treatment, present a significant long-term improvement of the symptoms. 

Some studies suggest that the effects of the Fibromyalgia diminish within the years.