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The Foundation FF of the affected by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an entity without fortitude of lucre, created in the year 2001 by the Managerial Commission, registered in the Record of Foundations of Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 1799, and qualified as charitable Foundation with supporting, cultural, and scientific aims.
The Foundation FF, as it is commonly known, is a fruit of the free will of the group of people to make one more step with the initiative emerged from the civil society and organized in patients' associations, working to assist in the process of achieving the NORMALIZATION of these illnesses - so painful, little-known and not recognized at all – by the Medical and Social Public System and, by extension, in the society.

The premise that there are much more problems apart from the health problem that have those affected by Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome turns these diseases into social ones, since they affect the familiar, labor, and social life and, therefore, there should be involved the patients themselves and their families, medical and social professionals, administrations, social agents as well as the scientific community and the society in general.

To achieve our goals, which are defined in the section “Goals and Objectives”, the Foundation FF has created a reputable, powerful, efficient, flexible, and multidisciplinary Flow chart, to work as a team and look for formulas of collaboration with the associations and entities of similar purposes.

For this, the Foundation FF has signed collaboration agreements with different institutions and entities and has developed various programs, such as Foundation FF and Science, Foundation FF and Society, or Investigation EPIFFAC.

We welcome you at our web, hoping that it would give the needed information and help; we are at your disposal for any consultation, information, feedback… that you want to send us. Also, you will find here ways of collaboration for fulfillment the programs of the Foundation FF, which are expected to serve for the STANDARDIZATION of the illnesses, the process in which I pledge we are involving, to a greater or lesser extent, the whole society.

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